GDrive for Google Drive App Reviews

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Wow. Total accident.

I just bought this app and did not mean to. I thought this was a new Google app and way to access Google’s Drive. /me claps .. way to go Mr. Developer man you just got me for $3 and I will never open or use this app. No offense but why in the world would I give you (a third party) access to my Gooogle account? Not to mention Drive is free. Anyway you got me .. darn it! Ha ha .. You will see I will never use this app. If you want to refund me that would be a real gentlemens gesture. Keep it up ~


I paid $2.99 for this app which was pointless when Google has their own app that you can download from their website instead of the App store for FREE!

I Liked It

This app is pretty good but not great. I liked how simple it is to use and install. I actually enjoy this app that the app directly from Google. Two things holding me back from a five start review is that the screeshot button doesn’t seem to work AND I really wish it supported folder uploads. On safari you can’t do folder uploads as Google Drive doesn’t support that. Google wants you to download Google Chrome to do that. I was hoping with this app I could avoid having to open Chrome just for folder uploads to Google Drive. That was the main reason I purchased the app. Overall, still a pretty nice app and better than using a safari bookmark for me.

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