GDrive for Google Drive App Reviews

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Please Update!

I love this app, however, it uses an outdated version of Safari which causes issues with copy/paste. Please update for a 5-star review!

Crapy App

Doesn't function good I thought it as file manager kind of thing but this is just opening up google drive that you already have in web. Useless crappy app to purchase which is already available free to all.... i was having tough time getting google drive to mac due to HFS issue so I thought this might be some file management tool. This App just redirect your end point to google drive. Its just like you are not willing to open google drive from web .... I don't see any value to this app..

Wow. Total accident.

I just bought this app and did not mean to. I thought this was a new Google app and way to access Google’s Drive. /me claps .. way to go Mr. Developer man you just got me for $3 and I will never open or use this app. No offense but why in the world would I give you (a third party) access to my Gooogle account? Not to mention Drive is free. Anyway you got me .. darn it! Ha ha .. You will see I will never use this app. If you want to refund me that would be a real gentlemens gesture. Keep it up ~


I paid $2.99 for this app which was pointless when Google has their own app that you can download from their website instead of the App store for FREE!

I Liked It

This app is pretty good but not great. I liked how simple it is to use and install. I actually enjoy this app that the app directly from Google. Two things holding me back from a five start review is that the screeshot button doesn’t seem to work AND I really wish it supported folder uploads. On safari you can’t do folder uploads as Google Drive doesn’t support that. Google wants you to download Google Chrome to do that. I was hoping with this app I could avoid having to open Chrome just for folder uploads to Google Drive. That was the main reason I purchased the app. Overall, still a pretty nice app and better than using a safari bookmark for me.

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